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Automobile manufacturing assmbly line engineering

Coherent system with machine and electricity

Make the standard from 3D-CAD data. We guarantee the quality of products which is produced by efficient design and close examination by coordinate measuring machine. Realize early local set up.

Featuring pointCoherent system with machine and electricity

  • Prior confirmation is possible by Robot simulation.(comfirmation of interference scope of machine actibities etc)
  • We provide a coherent system that is based on the 3D design from robot simulation to manufacturing, quality guarantee and local area set up.
  • We offer automation and labor-saving-appliances using from welding tools for car-production line and robot-arm to special purpose machinary.

*Scrolling is possible levelly.

Robot simulation research It is possible to prevent production loss from verifying the process before acctual process line goes on. Also it is able to cut short the terms of line production.
Interference confirmation Simulate the operation of the real device on a computer to confirm interference and mulfunction beforehand
Scope of machine actibities confirm the scope of machine actibities, and make it minimum
cycle time the run time of device
Off-line -teaching confirm the actual movement of robot from simulation on the computer

Flow of production

1. Examine the specification

Examine the specification

2. Design


3. Regulation~Accuracy guarantee~local set up

Regulation~Accuracy guarantee~local set up

Business contents

  • Coherent system from design of car -manufacturing facilities, automation, labor-saving-appliance to local set up.
  • Maintenance of manufacturing facilities and robots.

Business lines

  • Welding robot : 4machines/month
  • Conveyance : 1line /month
  • Special tools and devices : 4machines/month
  • Facility reform
  • Facility maintenance