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Roller(surface processing & polishing) branch

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In correspondence with surface processing, abrasion resistance processing to various rolls and parts, we response to the customer's variety needs by ordinary Cr, Ni Plating, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, original excellent Plating and thermal spray.

We provide excellent quality products under the total construction system from design to manufacture and delivery.

Roller(surface processing & polishing) branch

Featuring pointprovide the design for roll which is used under severe circumstances.

Total made of roll from design, operation to surface processing.

We cope with through quality controll and advanced technique from recieving order to delievery.

Total made of roll from design, operation to surface processing.

We propose design of roll which is used under severe circumstances.

  • 【Main body strength design】We provide the best structure design for roll along with use environment and load by FEM structure analysis.
  • 【Mainbody cooling design】We provide the best cooling design for roll which is used under high heat environment by FEM heat transmission and fluid analysis.
  • 【Surface coating design】We provide the best coating design for purpose and use environment with combination of original coating technology, heat transmission and structure analysis.

Featuring pointsurface processing for the needs

surface processing for the needs

List of surface processing

Main roll surface processing technology

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classification main elements coating . process analysis originality function/th>
Plating Cr Hard chrome   abrasion resistance  
Soft chrome   delustering  
High hardness chrome   abrasion resistance  
Wax coat original abrasion resistance  
hi-wax original abrasion resistance  
Ni Ni   corrosion resistance surfacing
Electroless Ni   corrosion resistance  
Electrolysis Ni   corrosion resistance cutting ability
hyper coat original corrosion resistance abrasion resistance
F-hard original mold release  
copper soft copper   surfacing abrasion resistance
hard copper   Sculpture characteristics conductivity
thermal spray thermal spray   abrasion resistance corrosion resistance
ceramic thermal   corrosion resistance abrasion resistance
processing shot blasting   sliding prevention  
dimple processing original wound prevention  
pin point smoother original mold release  
mirror procrssing   mold release wound prevention
hyper mirror procrssing   mold release Smoothness
  • We offer surface processing and final polishing processing for industrial rollers that are used in the various kinds of factory such as steel, films, papermaking, building materials.
  • About roller materials, it is possible to plate to special materials such as Iron-based material,stainless,aluminium,carbon.
  • About kind of coating,there are several kind of them such as, industrial chromium plating, crystal coating which is original and is improved of quality of abrasion resistance drastically,Ni alloy,composite plating,copper plating also, several kinds of polishing such as satin coating and hyper-mirror-coating, we provide surface processing roller to meet the customer's needs.

various kinds of plating, detailed explanation of processing