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Technology & business collaboration

Application of Technology development & new business collabolation

December 1, 2012
Mishima Kosan Co.,Ltd.

1. Purpose of the system

We advertise for themes of technology development and new business development that can expand together with Mishimakosan and its group company's business.

2. Main theme of this system

Technology theme should be practical and proof stages.
Theoritical and basic themes are not included. And new business themes must be highly-practical.
Just an ideas are not included. The terms of it own industrialization is within three years.

3. Applicant of this system

Anyone can apply who has ideas and themes which allow the purpose above.

4. Funding for a year

Max 10million yen for a application. Possibly, fund money will increase depend on theme.
The personnel expenses are exclusive.

5. Application method

Fill in the form below and send it by post or e-mail.
An application form must not be returned. The details of application and interview will be used only inner examination.
However, we do not conclude non-disclosure agreement, so please be awere of sending your information that you decided to make it open.

Application form down load here(excel format)

6. Beginning day of apply

January 1, 2013

7. Terms of application

No limitation

8. Selection process

Primary examination
Examine the application paper in the screening committee.
Second examination
Ask for the explanation from applicant whose theme has passed the primary.
Third examination
Final examination from the committee for adoptation about the themes that have passed the second examination. The result will e-mail to applicant within four month.

9. Agreement or contract

  • The applicant whose theme has been adopted will have an agreement or contract with us.
  • The details of agreement or contract will be confered with independently depend on the theme.
  • Soon after the agreement or contract is concluded,the theme works on.

10. Results and interim report and progress

  • Having meeting about progress, between the office member and adoptee every two months.
  • Make a report by adoptee to the committee about interim progress every four months.
  • Make the final report by adoptee to the committee in one year.Depending on the interim or final report about progress,there are possibilities that the contract discontinue or extension.

11. Apply and inquiry

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