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Facilities & equipments

Mechanical processing equipment

Simultaneous five axes control gate type machining center 1machine
Five face machining center 3machines
High speed five face profile processing machine 2machines
Vertical machining center 3machines
Vertical machining center 2machines
Horizontal machining center 4machines
Gate type machining center 1machine
Surface-grinding machine 6machines
Radius grinder 1machine
Precision surface-grinding machine 1machine
NC horizontal drilling and boring machine 2machines
Horizontal boring machine 1machine
NC tuning lathe 4machines
Tuning lathe 1machine
Universal lather 1machine
Radial drilling machine 1machine
Vertical drilling machine 1machine
Jig miller 1machine
Universal miller 1machine
Vertical miller 1machine
NC electrical discharge machine 4machines
NC wire cut EDM (electrical discharge machine) 2machines
Middle-sized electrical discharge machine 1machine
300Tmovable correction machine 1machine
Shotblasting machine 1machine
Open type frame planer 2machines
NC symmetric prcessing machine 1machine
Gun-drill-miller 1machine
Specialized machine for NC inner diameter 1machine
Specialized machine for outline 1machine
Trimming and Stamping press 2machines
Mapping pantograph 1machine
3D Measuring instrument 1machine


CAD 3D(dimension) 18machines
CAD 2D(dimension) 2machines
CAM 3D(dimension) 10machines
CAM 2D(dimension) 2machines

Surface processing facilities

Hard chromium plating facility 17unit
Nickel plating facility 12unit
Electroless nickel plating facility 1unit
Chromium plating roller facility 2unit
Copper electroform facility 1unit
Nickel electroform facility 7unit
Cobalt electroform facility 7unit
Large size nickel electroform facility 1machine
Plasma spraying facility 1machine
High speed frame spraying device 1machine
Plating membrane thickness measuring instrument 4machines
Ultrasonic flaw detector 2machines
Surface roughness measuring instrument 2machines
ICP emission spectrophotometer 1machine
Capillary electrophresis analysis device 1machine
Metal microscope 1machine
Automatic small hardness testing machine 1machine
Wet type polishing grinding mill 3machines
Dry type polishing grinding mill 2machines
Cylinder grinding mill 2machines
SF grinding mill 3machines
Wet type shotblasting machine 1machine

Molding facilities

Plastic injection molding machine(50T,70T) 2machines
Plastic injection molding machine(220T) 7machines
Plastic injection molding machine(225T) 2machines
Plastic injection molding machine(230T) 1machine
Plastic injection molding machine(280T) 1machine
Plastic injection molding machine(300T) 1machine
Plastic injection molding machine(350T) 1machine
Flow analysis equipment(CAE) 1machine
Three dimention measuring machine 2machines
Universal measuring microscope 1machine
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer 1machine
Heat distortion tester 1machine
Izod impact strength test device 1machine
Melt flow rate indexer 1machine
Plastic injection molding machine(850T) 1machine
Plastic injection molding machine(850T) 1machine
Plastic injection molding machine(1800T) 1machine
Plastic injection molding machine(2000T) 2machines
Plastic injection molding machine(3000T) 1machine
Plastic injection molding machine(4000T) 1machine

Iron work parts and industrial machining devices and facilities

Roller-type bending machine 2machines
Stamping press(1000T、300T、200T) 4machines
Bending machine 7machines
Shearing machine 1machine
TIG(argon)welder 5machines
pulse MIG(melt insert gas) welder 5machines
CO2welder 6machines
NC tracer 1machine
Welding robot system 1machine
Localizer 2machines
Band-saw machine 5machines
Radial drilling machine 4machines
Machining center, others 14machines
Glass lining furnance 1set
Cutting and grooving machine 1machine
Shotblasting machine 3machines
Coating and drying devices 1set

Facilities in steelworks

Frame planer 2machines
Shaping machine 2machines
Band -saw 2machines
Milling machine 1machine
NC lathe 1machine
Consecutive acid wash facility 1set
Off acid wash facility 1set
Clad steel assmbling facility 1set
Oil leveler 2machines
Wet type grinder 4machines
Thick plate plasma cutting devic 3machines
Thick plate gas cutting device 1machine
Others thick plate refinery facility 1set
Steel tube special refining line facility/td> 1set
CNC roller lathe 1machine
Automatic steel tube inner surface grinder 1machine
Heat steel billet cosey 46machines
End brush processor 1set