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Corporation history

History of corporation and introduction of the name of the corporation and symbol mark.

History of corporation

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May/1916 Kamematsu Mishima,the founder of MIshima Group, started production of assembly line working at Makiyama factory from Asahi Glass Co.
Oct/1943 Recieved the orders of ball bearing steel tuning processing from Yahata Steel Works.
Dec/1949 Incorporated Mishima Kosan Co.,Ltd. Keizo Mishima takes up the president of Mishima Kosan.
Aug/1952 Recieved the order of production assembly line working from Yahata Steel works.
Apr/1953 Manufactured and started supply of fireproof brick mold to Kurosaki
Jan/1959 Built the Chiba factory for Asahi Glass Co.Ltd and received the order of production assembly line works.
May/1959 Started works of industrial vehicle (Battery forklift)
Jun/1961 First Corporate magazine "Nova Front Mishima" published.
Mar/1966 Received the orders of production assembly line working from the Funabashi factory Asahi and Tokyo factory of Yahata Steel tube Co.Ltd.
Sep/1967 Expanded to Kimitsu area.Received order of production assembly line working from the Kimitsu Works of Nippon Steel Corporation.
Jan/1969 Started QC circle actibities(Held first QC circle match in the whole company)
Aug/1969 Manufucturing continuous casting mold start.
Oct/1970 Recieved order of production assembly line from Kashima factory of Asahi Glass.Co Ltd and Asahi Penn Chemical .Co.Ltd
1971 Acquired nickel electroform mold process patent.
Nov/1975 Set up the Tokyo office as the business headquarters.
Nov/1976 The position of the president ascend to Masakazu Mishima.
Mar/1979 First Engineering Report (technology newspaper) published.
May/1980 Set up Machine Works Devision in Chiba factory and enlarged the sales system of mold products.
Aug/1983 Started Stainless steel mirror surface lapping processing.
Apr/1984 Advansed into FA system engineering technology field.
Nov/1984 Molding Center Completed.
Nov/1985 Completed concentration of the machine works to Kokura factory.
Jur/1988 Started manufacturing production Line working from Asahi Glass Co to Sagami factory.
Dec/1990 The heat treatment center of machine works completed
Apr/1991 Introduced the VCI (company emblem,logo,slogan,corporate color)
Jan/1993 Company emblem changed to the current one (image of universe)
Jun/1996 Molding Division of Machine Works Division Headquaters is certified ISO9002 :1994
Sep/1997 Set up Large parts molding Yukuhashi factory in Machine Works division.
Nov/1999 MQC actibities in whole company started.
Feb/2000 Product Division in Kanto factory started manufacture wash basins.
Aug/2000 Set up Product Division GL factory and started to manufacture glass lining pipe.
Mar/2001 Started large size injection molding (850T)
Apr/2001 Started magnesium alloy injection molding.
Apr/2001 Mishima OA system iDC(Data center)open
2002 Introduced large size injection molding machine (2,000T 2,500T 3,000T 4,000T)
Aug/2003 IDC(Data center) of Mishima OA system in Kitakyushu e-port center open.
Mar/2004 The No.1 factory in Kokura acquired ISO14001 certification.
Apr/2004 Heiwa Motor Industrial Co.and Heiwa Logistics Co. became group company.
Jan/2005 Set up Mishima Kosan Hong Kong Co.Ltd and Mishima Precision Plastic factory.
Feb/2007 Set up No.2 factory in Yukuhashi (H&I Coating Co.Ltd)
Mar/2007 Set up New FA factory.
Jun/2007 Registered capital increased to 359.5Million yen.
Oct/2007 Large size molding Division acquired ISO9001 2000 certification.
Apr/2008 Compliance system constructed.
Sep/2008 Introduced video conference system.
2009 Acquired certification of ISO 9001 and 14001
9001: Chiba factory Kashima factory Sagami factory
14001: Head Office Engineering division
Feb/2011 Started business development as a independent IC tray maker.
Dec/2011 Set up Special Chemicals Division in Osaka-city as a branch of Machine Works Headquarters.
Apr/2012 Acquired the certification of Excellence of OEM.
Oct/2012 Human Bridge Co.Ltd advanced to Welfare and Child Care business.
Set up Mishima Kosan Precision Plastic(Dong Guan )Co.Ltd
Nov/2012 GL section in Special Chemicals Division Acquired the certification of ISO9001.
Mar/2013 Set up joint-venture Mishima-Mashprom LLC.
Feb/2015 Set up M&I Kasei Co.Ltd
Feb/2015 Invest in shares to Advanced Mould Technology PVT LTD in India.
Received orders of Continuous casting mold galvanization equipment from Formosa Ha Tinh Steel corporation vietnam.
Sep/2015 The new factory of Heiwa Motor Industrial Co.Ltd completed.
Mar/2016 Representitive Director and Chairman Masakazu Mishima.
Representitive Director and President Hideo Mishima.

The origin of Mishima Kosan

On Febrauary 1949, Mishima group changed its organization into corporation, and changed the name as Mishima kosan Co.Ltd. Usually, it is used Chainese character 興 which means "Promote industry". However ,Keizo Mishima (President at the time )decided to use Chainese character 光 which means "blight or glitter "as his hope for the future .He wanted his company became shining in industry. Hense, the name of Mishima Kosan means the company which dedicate to the society and growth together so that the company shines and prosperous in the world.

Symble Mark of the company

シンボルマーク Current mark is decided in Febrauary 1993 based on the image of the universe and infinity. Outside circle shows the universe and inner circle shows our company. Oval round shows an orbit it symblized Mishima Kosan as a company which act in the harmony with the society.
Corporation color "Mishima Red" has its long history with trust, creation,joyfull and livelliness.
We put our endless hope for the blighter future in this symble mark and color that weaves the sense of unity.