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Environmental policy

Based on the corporation philosophy "Vivid,joyful, for ourselves and the society" we put the principles of the environmental policy as follows. Preserve the enegy, resources and global environment. Create an affluent and sustainable society that is in harmony with the healthy gloval environment. Find the solutions of environmental issues and coexistence of our business operation that demand us an accumulation of tiny efforts.

Environmental policy in Head office

This head office contribute to reduce the loads of environment through the operation as well as support actibities that every devision and related company can operate their business smoothly and preserve the global environment.

Also, If it is possible, set the goal of environmental-performance-improvement which whole company or individual division can meet. Then look forward to seeing play roles in the field as we accomplish the goal. We do management of environment allowing the policy below.

  1. Comply laws and regulations that related to our environmental policy and contribute to preserve the global environmental harmony and prevent from contamination.
  2. Reduce the amount of enegy such as electricity or gas
  3. Reduce the amount of waste and recycle materials
  4. If it is possible, set the goal of environmental-performance-improvement which whole company or individual division can meet and their actibities.
  5. Following above,continue the preservation actibities effectively

Representitive Director and President
Hideo Mishima
February 29, 2016

Environmental policy in Machine Works Headquarters

This devision has several factories. First is loated near Sone tideland, the others are located in Kokura and Chiba prefecture. We are doing various type of businesses. Continuous casting related equipment manufacturing, precision molding,galvanization, heat treatment,electronic engineering and so-on. We are concious about the importance of improvement and preservation of global environment. We determine to improve the level of harmony between business actibities and environment.

  1. Based on every business actibities from products design to manufacturing and supplying, we make the scheme of environmental management system which all employees can apply to.
  2. We effort to improve the system continuously with constant audit or insider inspention and management review. And by education and PR actibities, we try to improve understanding of environmental policy and maintainance of system.
  3. Comply laws and regulations to commit business actibities
  4. We try to understand the impact of our business actibities to environment and aiming for conituous improvement by targetting the goal
    1. Commit to material-reduction, enegy-efficiency, waste-redution and material-recycle
    2. In process of manufacture, reduce the amount of anti-eco-friendly materials and prevent from contamination
    3. Contribute by the qualities ,function and services of our products, we contribute to maintain and improve the level of environmental harmony.
    4. Impelling clean movement through 3-cleaning actibities(arrangement,tidiness,cleanliness) in the office.
  5. Our environmental policy is on the HOME PAGE and available to contact

Higher executive officer Hiroaki Fujimoto
Mishima Kosan Co.,LTD.(Machine Works Division & Special chemical Division)
February 6, 2017