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Purchase policy

purchase policy

1. Basic purchase policy

(1) Open and fair trade
 Make every trade free,fair and transparant.
(2) Compliance and environmental concern
 Comply laws and regulations and keep the company rules, we make trades which is safe and environmental friendly.
(3) Partnership between our supplier
 Aiming for building the relationships as a good partner to make better products in the long term together which seeks the prosperity, we prioritize the close.
(4) Management of supplier's confidential information and intellectual property
 As our purchase actibities, we manage the supplier's confidential information and intellectual property properly.

2. The guidline of selection of suppliers

Basic rules of valuation and selection of suppliers
(1) Supplier must have its finance condition healty and able to speedy and stable supply
(2) The level of supply ,quarities,price,deliverydate,technologies and services are appropriate

3. Request for our supplier

We are propelling CSR based on the management philosophy,corporate guideline and employees action guideline.We are encoureging our suppliers to allow our rules and thought. So please make it sure that your company have promotion of CSR. The list of important rules of our promotions are below. Please allow them.

(1) Supplier must have its finance condition healty and able to speedy and stable supply
(2) Appropriate management of information and intellectual property
(3) Working on environmental preservation ,keep safe and disaster prevention.
(4) Keep safe and healthy office environment.
(5) Keep out unsocial power.

Recruitment of new suppliers

We are recruiting business partners who have excellent technical skills and cost conpetitiveness.We welcome new suppliers who have conpetitiveness according to the guidline of selection of suppliers which mentioned above.Please contact us by e-mail which address is below and we will make contact later.


The target items during an inquiry are as follows

  • Steel machine devices
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • FPD glass manufacturing
  • Chemical plant related
  • Precison molding related
  • Temporary staffing

The point of ombudsman system of purchasing

  • Our basic purchasing policys are fair ,open and sincere.
  • These are the rules that everyone in our company has to obey not only in the purchasing section but manufacturing devision.
  • We try to maintain these rules conciously and severely ,however if there is something that break these rules. You can contact our responsible person in purchase section or ombudsman by the way of following.
  • Confidencial information that you gave us must be concluded fairly .You are not blamed or treated unfairly by this contact.

Flow of contact

  • Let us know in the details as possible as you can "when, where, who, how, etc"
  • The way of contact : send the information by a sealed letter with confidencial.
  • Address
    Mishimakosan .Co.LTD the ombdsman (cheaf officer in purchase section) Katsuji Hori
    Zip code:800-0211 7-25 shinsone kokuraminami kitakyushu Fukuoka