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Privacy policy

Mishima Kosan Co.,LTD. values the importance of every personal information which is provided and is used for our bussiness, and will treat them on the policy below.

1, Compliance of personal information and maintenance of official regulations in the company.

  1. Compliance of Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws.
  2. Provide "the official regulation in the company" , maintain and improve the rules and protect of the personal information properly.
  3. Make every workers to know the rules and the official regulations which are mentioned above without exception.

2, Basic safety policy about gaining and usage of the personal information

  1. When the information is gained, notify the purpose of usage individually or officially.
  2. Use the information in the limits of it's purpose and not change the purpose of usage, hand over the information to strangers without consent.
  3. When the request from the person itself occurred,take appropriate actions to disclose,change and suspend. If it's not protected by laws, it is excepted from 3.
  4. For correctness and safe of the personal information, take appropriate actions to prevent from illegal access,loss,damage and manipulation.
  5. When the management of the personal information is outsourced,take appropriate measurements to fix it in the contract about managerial responsibilities.

3, Inquiries on Personal Information

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